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Iscide's Series 3 appearance.

Iscide is a large, furry being. The top of Iscide's body consists of silver fur, that overlaps the brown fur further down his body. He has a short snout, and has a few sharp teeth that poke up from his lip. His eyes are in a tear drop shape, with no irises seen on him. A dark purple horn comes out from his head. In his midsection, dark brown fur covers it, with it overlapping with his lower part. Finally, his lower part has pitch black fur, with white circles scattered randomly around. Iscise has a scarf around his neck, which his part of his lower body fur that he ripped off with his own teeth. Iscide is also always constantly floating.


Iscide is a wander type of creature, if a bit eerie. He tends to watch the residents converse rather than participate himself. He isn't shy or anything, just simply likes to keep quiet. Iscide hides his emotions from others, never expressing them by facial features nor the rare times he does have a conversation with another resident. The only time he expresses any kind of emotion is when he laughs, which is usually when something bad to another resident.


He has no occupation on the island. Although he does levitate heavy objects using his horn when a resident needs help.


  • Iscide is one of the few that stars in all three of the series.
  • Iscide in series 1 and 2, his scarf was an a cape instead.
  • Iscide was briefly considered to be in Toho's Kingdom's Battle of the Multiverse, but was beat out by Cthelee.
  • He is one of MinorBone's favorite creatures out of the entirety of Quatheral.
  • Iscide's signature is his scarf on his Series 3 page.