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Headcan is a small, cute creature. He has a large head and body, which he has to turn their entire body to face someone. His skin color is a dark blue that that glimmers in the sun. On top of their head, he has red hair. They have two large eyes, along with a tiny mustache above their triangular nose. They have a large mouth, with two pointy teeth that stick out of their mouth. They sports a fancy dark green suit, with a purple pocket on it's left side. They also have yellow pants, specially made for Headcan.

Headcan's Series 3 Appearance


Headcan loves to make others happy. They always do their best to try and make others laugh. They aren't too scared to get themselves dirty, even if they ruin their suit. They just want to live the best life they can. They also try to make others as comfortable as possible. They probably care about others more than himself.


Headcan has a respectable job at Le Misuse, a high dining restaurant. They works as a waiter in there, and is always happy to take orders from customers.


  • Headcan's signature in Series 3 is their mustache and nose.
  • Headcan is one of the few creatures in Series 3 to have their number messed up.