Appearance[edit | edit source]

Both Erexe and Maereye mostly resemble squid like creatures. Erexe has a short snout, which is also rounded. He has his eyes closed almost all the time, and rarely opens them. His primary skin color is a hot pink, which has a rubbery feel to it. Bright green dorsal fins run down her her back, which stop right above her smaller tendrils. Erexe has eight large tentacles, being colored in with green and white stripes. He has three small purple bumps on her body. two in the back, and one on his belly. On these bumps, three orange triangles are seen. He has various lower tendrils on the underside of his body, which are used to make him float and swim around.

Maereye is similar to her counterpart. Maereye is slightly larger than Erexe, and a bigger head as well. She has a longer and pointer snout than Erexe, and curves upwards. Her eyes are also closed most of her time. Her primary color is white, which also includes her tentacles. The undersides of her six tendrils have the same colors on Erexe's bumps, with bright orange suckers. Maereye has her own bumps, this time only having two of them. The bump on her belly is mostly orange, with tons of small purple dots scattered around them. Maereye's bump on her back is unique however, just being orange, and it seemingly stitched onto her back. She also has tons of smaller tendrils on the underside of her.

Erexe's Appearance in Series 3

Personality[edit | edit source]

Erexe and Maereye, despite their very similar appearance, are nothing more than just friends. Erexe has a very positive outlook on life, and is always ready to face

a new adventure any time, anywhere. He likes to travel the land rather than stay in his home with Maereye, and interact with the locals. He does have a fear of the dark however, and will usually retreat home when the moon starts to rise. This fear sometimes makes him completely irrational, and try to go home as soon as possible.

Maereye is much more reserved then her tendril friend. Often, she spends her time home, cleaning up the house, reading, writing, and watching TV. She comforts Erexe every night to try to make him feel a bit better, explaining that she also fears the dark, even is she really doesn't. She may come off as unenthusiastic due to her tone, but she does actually care about what creatures and robots have to say to her.

Maereye's Appearance in Series 3

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Erexe doesn't have a real job per say, but he considers the adventures he goes on to be a job in of itself.

Maereye's occupation is her writing career, which she focuses lightly on. She often thinks of stories where she goes on adventures herself, and explores new areas of Quatheral that have yet to be discovered.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Erexe & Maereye are the first real Quatheral creatures to be a duo. While #6 and #19 came before, #21 was the first to have Erexe & Maereye on the same page in Series 3
  • These were the last monsters of Series 2 to be drawn by the original Series 2 artist. As such, Series 2 was discontinued.
  • Erexe's and Maereye's signatures of their Series 3 page are their tentacles.
  • Their Series 3 page was made on MinorBone's birthday.

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