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Angear's series 3 appearance

Angear's head resembles that of some sort of bird. A glossy orange color dominates his upper beak, and a glossy light blue on the bottom. The orange part of the head has small tendrils that connect itself to the neck. He has two small, white, beady eyes on the sides of his face. Angear's neck is covered by a large, dark green path full of fluff. Orange fur covers the top of Angear's body, and as it travels down goes to a light blue color to a light green color. Several spirals along the sides of Angear can be seen. Angear has orange and blue striped flippers on the front of his body. His four hind legs also share this pattern. The very back of his hind legs are short, and can't move that much. His middle legs however, have more articulation. His front legs are vastly different however, having more of an light green insect look with red claws at the end of them. Angear has a quite a strange looking tail. A purple-brown tail pokes out, with a few dark purple crystals attached to the base of it. On top of the base of the tail, a cartoony human-like skull sits upon a light purple cushion on the tail. Around the skull, four dark purple tendrils surround it. Angear can fully move these extra limbs.


Angear is much more reclusive than his fellow members on the island. He often just stays in his nest, collecting any shiny objects he can find. Even sometimes mistaking other members as collectibles! He isn't dumb however. He often has moments of brilliance and is able to construct machines to make the lives of the Quatheral residents easier.


Angear doesn't do much work on the island. In his mean time, he works on machines out of the junk he collects. Mostly to benefit himself however.


  • He was one of the very few that was a post it note creation before actually being brought into a drawing.
  • The original post it note of Angear has been lost, along with Cthelee and Gearan's.
  • Angear's signature is the spiral on the sides of his body on his series 3 page.
  • Out of the post it note trio, Angear received the most change in his series 3 appearance from his series 1 appearance.