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Andide is a small green creature with various patterns on it's body. It has no real legs to speak of, more like a cloak that drags across the ground. Light blue circles surround Andide's body, resembling bubbles. Andide has short, green fur all across it's body. Andide also has a large mouth. It's two eyes closely resemble the bubble-like patterns on it's body. Andide also has six fluffy tendrils on the side of it's body, which act like arms.

Andide's appearance in Series 3

Anbeni is very similar in shape to Andide, although with some major differences. Anbeni is twice the size of Andide, has slightly shorter arms than Andide. Anbeni also only has four of these arms. It's color scheme is vastly different, with the major color being bright orange, with deep purple on it's arms. Anbeni has long eyes, with it's eyes being dark red in color. Anbeni also has no mouth. The patterns on Anbeni's body are dark green triangles.


Andide is very ditsy, and often forgets projects they were just working on. Most of the time, Andide is very happy, but can be extremely emotional, and will sometimes cry just feel better.

Anbeni's Appearance in Series 3.

Anbeni is completely mute, and does not make any attempt to communicate to other beside Andide. Anbeni watches over what Andide does, just to make sure that Andide doesn't injure itself somehow. Anbeni also unintentionally stares at the other monsters.


They have no real occupation on Quatheral.


  • Anbeni was actually not a companion to Andide originally. Anbeni was only made so MinorBone could have a creature with a companion in the #11-#20 era.
    • Despite this, Anbeni does have a series 1 page. Anbeni even has her very own series 1 page separate from Andide.
  • Andide's original name in series 1 was "Anwide".
  • Andide's and Anwide's signatures in series 3 are their bubble and triangle patterns.